Biographical Notes

Born October 6, 1953, Orange, NJ; drawing by 19 months, earliest memories include making figures from mud and clay. Preferring art to all other childhood interests, developed prodigious caricaturization skills early. Began painting in oils in 1966, autodidactic, working in styles from representational to pure abstraction. Avoided academic art, instead majoring in Psychology at Seton Hall University in 1971.

NUAGE 3 (1996)NUAGE 3 (1996)

1994: at The Art Students League and The National Academy of Design, NYC: modeling in clay, studied Michelangelo, Bernini, Maillol, Rodin, Claude, Moore, Giacometti, Calder.

1996: Direct carving in marble, inspired by Archaic Greek, Cycladic and Paleolithic art and religion. Pieces by Arp and Noguchi, and, most notably, the art and philosophy of Constantin Brancusi were major influences, as were the works and theories of Duchamp, and AbEx painters Pollock, Rothko, Newman, Still.

The interaction of these varied influences on the artist's sensibilities contributed to the realization of 'NUAGE (1996) a sinuous, organic form in white Parian marble, carved and scribed with intricate grooves: the first of what was to become his 'NUAGES' series.

While continuing to work by hand in marble, the artist, since 2000, has begun to design digitally drafted works for large-scale fabrication in metal (his 'LADDER' and 'FENCE' series), and has also produced several assemblages of a painting/sculpture hybrid nature (his 'REVERSO' and 'RED DOT' series), and photographic compositions 'CHAUVET'). In December of 2012, an important addition to his 'LADDER' series, 'LADDER 3') was erected at Heckscher Park lake, on an island in front of The Heckscher Museum of Art, Huntington, NY.

The artist's 2014/2015 tour of Etruscan sites in Italy have produced compelling works in cedar and marble; his involvement in so-called 'Gypsy Jazz' music, on visits to Manouche and Sinti communities in Paris and Alsace, is a strong current influence on his process.

LADDER 3 (2012) Heckscher Park and Museum of ArtLADDER 3 (2012), Heckscher Park

LADDER 2 (2010) Wheatley Plaza
LADDER 2 (2010) Wheatley Plaza


Installation: NUAGE 10 | Private Collector | Mill Neck, NY
Installation: UNBORN | Private Collector | Sands Point, NY
Installation: LADDER 1 | Municipal Commission for Roslyn, NY
Installation: NUAGES 11 + 13 | Private Collector | Bayville, NY
Installation: SHE | Private Collector | Paris, France
Installation: LADDER 2 | Wheatley Plaza | Greenvale, NY
Installation: LADDER 3 | Heckscher Park | Huntington, NY


2 Series in Production: NUAGES | LADDER
New Work in Progress: SPIRAL